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PIAA District XII



  • Request for DXII Hearings on Eligibility and Transfers

    Request for Hearing must be submitted to Mr. Joseph Sette. All paperwork must be properly completed and legible to be accepted. Please send your properly completed paperwork to Mr. Sette at jsette@archwood.org. Completed paperwork should consist of (1) properly filled out P.I.A.A. Forms posted on the P.I.A.A. web portal, (2) up to date transcript which should include grades, attendance, discipline records etc.(3) Any statements from interested parties (4) Medical records if needed to justify the student's position. We will not schedule any hearings until all of the properly completed and requested information is in our possession. Documentation must be submitted for any justifications.

  • PIAA District XII Basketball Tournament

    District XII Basketball Tournament is set. Click here.